Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I love exploring the supernatural or preternatural possibilities of characters because it lets me find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  And, yeah–it allows me to develop scenarios that wouldn’t happen in real life!  But even better is when I find transcendental qualities in normal, human situations.

When I research for a novel, I love finding fragments of history that touch on this.  The “posy” ring that Kylei wears in The Descended, and the one Kieran wears later in the story, is such an ardent portrayal of this.  Words etched in a ring; vows pressed against the pulsepoint of a love’s finger.

Kylei’s ring:  Me pectus et ego a abeo     (Translated) My heart and I until I die

Kieran’s ring: Without my love I backward move

These are from actual 17th century posy rings.

Vows hidden inside interlocking bands.  Extraordinary within the ordinary. Who wouldn’t want that kind of love?

Even if your soulmate doesn’t have angelic ancestry…


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary in the Ordinary

  1. The strangest and neatest things in fantasy and fiction are often those that are found in real life. Sometimes, I read things in the news that I think, “I could never put this in a story–people would say it’s too improbable!”

    • jennymoyer says:

      I completely agree–the very fact that they’re real, or have actually happened is what makes them so remarkable!

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