Writing Resolutions 2013

Don’t quit.

Don’t give up.

Keep trying.

Don’t lose heart.

Keep seeking inspiration.

Keep inspiring others.

Believe the best in others.

Believe the best in yourself–

especially in yourself.

Ignore the haters.

Learn from critics.

Guard your heart.

Keep an open heart.

Rejection is not the end of the story

just part of the journey.

Learn from your peers.

Learn from your icons.

Learn from yourself.

Just keep learning.

Be brave.

Don’t fear your inbox.

Be very brave.

Write every day.

Every single day.

Help others when you can.

Let others help you.

Stand strong in the face of doubt

Network with other writers.

Connect with other creatives.

Learn from your mistakes.

They make you better.

Pick yourself up from discouragement.

It makes you stronger.

Embrace the journey,

it’s part of your story.




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