#PitMad = Love

I just emerged from the trenches of uber crazy twitter pitch-fest, #PitMad. A challenging leap of faith I recommend for all aspiring authors. Most of us shudder when it comes to summarizing our books into tidy paragraphs. Queries disarm us with the task of distilling our 70,000 word novels into 1-2 sentence hooks.

Now pretend you have just 140 characters–or 133 to be precise. Right? Good times.

But the coolest thing happens when you rise to the challenge…you end up with some pretty great hooks. When forced to pare down your logline to the essential core of your MS, (and still make it unique and interesting), you do away with unneeded adjectives and words that sometimes clutter up the pitch. This is especially helpful when you’re modifying your pitch–giving it a different angle, etc, when tweeting it throughout the day.

I ended up receiving 2 agent requests–one of which led to a full MS request! But I also connected to some really talented writers, (who were pitching fantastic hooks as madly as I was) and emerged from the pitch-fest trenches with a renewed sense of this great community we share as writers–particularly the YA community.

The good news: there are ways beyond the traditional query process to get your MS in front of agents. So get connected, hone your pitch, and then go for it!! Take advantage of every opportunity and be ready to grow from it–whatever happens.

If nothing else, you’ll learn to pitch your book five different ways from Sunday–and that’s a useful skill for those of us in the book-pitching trenches.


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