Rejection Rescue #2

Encouragement from the Query Trenches…

You approach your e-mail with equal parts anticipation and dread. Your heart pounds as you scan your inbox for the word “Query” in the subject line. With your stomach in knots, you read the long-awaited response to your submission…and sigh. (Or curse—depending on your personality and how many times this has happened to you.)

I get it. I really do. And almost all other writers who pursue publication understand what you’re feeling.

As writers in the “query trenches”, it’s important that we don’t just focus on the rejections. 

We need to celebrate the accomplishments along the way.

*wrote a book (or multiple books)

*actively pursuing publication

*continually growing/improving/revising=getting closer to publication

*connecting to other writers

*celebrating requests and learning from passes

Recently, my boys and I popped open a bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate a request for The Dreamspeaker’s Diary.  They’ve been along for the ride long enough to know the request could be a pass tomorrow–but in that moment we acknowledged the joy of being one step closer to “Mommy’s dream”.

Find something to celebrate about your writing and then do it!  *lifts glass in salute* Cheers, fellow Query Compadres!

Congratulate yourself for completing a manuscript you believe in, and having the courage to send it out into the publishing world ether.

Then be brave again and send it to someone else.

You never know what you might have to celebrate because you did…


4 thoughts on “Rejection Rescue #2

  1. Thanks for this post, you think rejection would get easier, in a way it does, you learn to categorize it and keep moving on, but there is always that pit in your stomach when that ‘Query’ email shows up, that second of breath holding when you are willing it to be good news, but you’re right, we have to remember to celebrate every step of the writing process, it’s what makes doing this crazy wonderful thing possible!

    • jennymoyer says:

      Thank you so much, Samantha! It is encouraging just talking about this with other writers in the same process. It’s tough, but we are not alone! : ) We just need to keep putting ourselves out there anticipating the days our inboxes (or better yet, phones) will have good news!! I wish you all the luck on your publishing journey!

  2. faithandrews says:

    I love reading about how other aspiring authors are going through the same exact motions and reactions. I too check my email constantly hoping for that “query” word in the subject t heading. I’ve received more rejections than I care to admit, but there have been some requests for fulls and like you said, that alone is cause for celebration! As aspiring authors we need to just keep at it and not let it get u down. A friend from the RWA shared with me some advice her hs teacher gave her (I posted it on twitter the other day)…95% of those who never achieve their dream are the ones that gave up. We can’t giv up. So we keep going with querying, pitch contests (we met on twitter during #pitmad) and cupidslc kissing contests, etc. Good luck with everything you do…I’m sure we’ll be running into each other lots along this journey 🙂

  3. jennymoyer says:

    Thanks so much, Faith! This made my day! 🙂 I look forward to “hopping” over to your blog this next week. Good luck and never, ever give up! Keep me posted on your progress!

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