Rejection Rescue: Never Give Up

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”
― Winston Churchill

It’s always hard when something you’ve put your heart and soul into gets what feels like a ‘meh’ response.  That’s the nature of art–as it’s an extension of the person who created it.  If we didn’t care what people thought, we wouldn’t be trying to get an audience for our work in the first place.  We want to make people feel…just not feel ‘meh’.

Today #pitchmadness was whittled down to the finalists and for all those who didn’t make the cut, it’s hard not to feel left behind in the land of Not Good Enough.  Are you dealing with rejection?  Take heart, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get back on the horse, and [insert favorite metaphor here.]

I’m diving back into my newest book, immersing myself in a world and characters that are still coming to life around me.  In this world, anything is possible; the only limits are the ones I set.  I kind of feel that way about real life, too.  That’s the dreamer in me.

Get back to what you love.  And never give up.

The dream is still possible…you just have to keep trying.


One thought on “Rejection Rescue: Never Give Up

  1. I really feel this post. It can feel intimidating out there as an artist. You just have to continue to be true to what you love and hope others appreciate what you’ve created. Thankfully I don’t rely on my art to pay the bills, so it gives me a bit
    more flexibility to pursue my personal passion, take it or leave it. I think all artists need this sort of attitude so they don’t feel like they’re constantly chasing trends for acceptance.

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