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*emerges from Cave of All Edits*


Well, hello there fellow writers and blog hoppers! Many of you probably bounced here from my talented writer friend, Rena Olsen  If not, I encourage you to check her out along with the other great writers participating in this.

You are welcome to join in: Just link to my blog, answer these four questions on your blog and then tag four other writers.

1) What are you working on?

Weeeel . . . lots. I just finished editing my YA paranormal, THE DREAMSPEAKER’S DIARY (for the gazillionth time) for an R&R (revise and re-submit) with a super awesome agent. Yes, I’m checking my email like a madwoman and trying not to overwhelm myself with thoughts like, “This could FINALLY be it!!!” Meanwhile, two agents are considering my newest YA Sci-fi, SUBPARS. *refreshes e-mail*

I’m encouraged by the agent interest for my projects, but I’ve learned the best thing you can do while in the query trenches, is to KEEP WRITING. Focus on the next project, and not the rejections. For me, that’s my current WIP, a YA fantasy, FURTHERON.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I work really hard to develop unique concepts and then write in ways that feel fresh. I feel that I have my own style and ways of exploring themes. The truth is, we all bring our own experiences to the worlds and characters we create, and that’s unique in itself.

I nearly always write in scenes. Most of my real-life work is film and T.V. focused, so I tend to write visually. Agents often tell me that I write “cinematically” and I always take that as a compliment.

3) Why do you write what you write?

I think I’m drawn to YA because there’s something really magical and special and compelling about a young person coming to that point in life where they decide who they are and what kind of life they want for themselves. I also LOVE writing about first love. Even in my adult historical fantasy novel, THE DESCENDED, the main characters are young adults.

As to why I write speculative, paranormal, Sci-fi and fantasy–I like creating places and characters that we don’t get to experience in everyday life. I read to escape and get caught up in a world that unfolds with every page, and that’s usually how I write as well.

4) How does your writing process work?

I write as much as possible. Whenever possible. Preferably, morning, after copious amounts of coffee.

I have three young boys and I’m the co-owner of a production company. I’m proof that if writing is your passion–you will find time to make it happen. I write every day.

When I’m really into a novel, “writing” involves me staring off into space while folding laundry. Half of writing is thinking. And imagining. And getting your characters from point A to point B in your head so you can capture it with words. I carry a notebook around with me everywhere. You never know when you might get an idea or a line of dialogue. I write scenes in my head when I’m running or taking the kids to piano practice.

Oh, and I’m a “pantser” (who probably needs to be more of a “plotter”) and I average 2,000 words/day when I’m in the creative part of writing (depending on interference from children, husband, dog, work/The Real World.)

I just have one rule: Write Every Day

It goes perfectly with my other mantra: Do What You Love

Happy writing, everyone! Thanks for hopping over.

Here’s where I’m supposed to tag four other writers: (epic fail)

So instead, I’ll just suggest popping over to  Rena Olsen where she has not just four, but seven awesome blog posts linked. They are great and inspiring and worth checking out.

P.S. Rena is hilarious and witty and lots of fun on Twitter




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