Manuscript Requests from Multiple Agents

I’m thrilled with the responses I’m getting from literary agents for The Dreamspeaker’s Diary.  They are saying the concept of the novel is fresh and intriguing, and the writing is strong.  Multiple agents have requested the full manuscript, and I’m hoping the rest of the novel grabs hold of them as much as the sample chapters!  Regardless, it’s encouraging to receive such positive feedback from great agents who know the industry so well!

Inspiring Poem about Dreaming (by Coleridge)

This poem captures the theme of The Dreamspeaker’s Diary(and is currently pinned to the wall above my desk)

“What if you slept?

And what if,

In your sleep

You dreamed?

And what if,

In your dream,

You went to Heaven

And there plucked

A strange and

Beautiful flower?

And what if,

When you awoke,

You had the flower

In your hand?

Ah, what then?”

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge