Out of the Query Trenches

I’d been in the Query Trenches a loooong time. For the past few years, I’d pretty much lived there. I had my own mailbox and a clown with a little dancing dog that came by every so often to cheer me up. (Okay—the dog is real, but my husband would not appreciate the clown metaphor.)

Anyone who’s ever written a manuscript and sent their baby out into the daunting world of slush piles and literary agents knows the particular kind of hell this journey is for most writers.

It’s said that Mark Twain wallpapered his attic in rejection letters before he published Tom Sawyer. I used to print and save my rejection letters and post them on the wall until I realized that a room decorated with rejection was really depressing.

So I treated myself to cupcakes (or wine) whenever a pass came in, and for the really tough ones—rejections on full requests—I bought shoes. And a puppy.

Emmy and shoes

But today, I’m relinquishing my spot in the query trenches to another hopeful writer. Not because I quit, but because I didn’t quit.

And finally, finally . . . I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!

*pops cork*    *twirls *

I am so deliriously excited to announce that THE AMAZING SARAH DAVIES of The Greenhouse Literary Agency has offered to represent me!!!

Yep. I just looked down, and my feet are still floating off the ground. And yes, her name requires SHOUTY CAPS–she is that kind of agent.

It is such a gift to have a champion for this story, and I know my manuscript is in the very best hands.

I’ll soon be pitching my tent over in the Submission Trenches. I’m sure the clown and his little dancing dog will visit from time to time. Hopefully, before too long, my story will find a home with a publisher.

Whatever happens, I’m taking with me the most important lesson I learned in the Query Trenches–one I want to encourage you with, fellow dreamers . . .




Manuscript Requests from Multiple Agents

I’m thrilled with the responses I’m getting from literary agents for The Dreamspeaker’s Diary.  They are saying the concept of the novel is fresh and intriguing, and the writing is strong.  Multiple agents have requested the full manuscript, and I’m hoping the rest of the novel grabs hold of them as much as the sample chapters!  Regardless, it’s encouraging to receive such positive feedback from great agents who know the industry so well!

Agent Feedback for YA Novel

So often with queries you just get a form letter rejection, or–if you’re lucky–a request for more pages.  I recently had the opportunity to have a literary agent review my first chapter of The Dreamspeaker’s Diary, and give me notes and feedback.  While she didn’t sign me as an author ( ; ), she did say she thought my premise had real potential and marketability. Yay! So, I am dusting off the doubts and heading back to the query world…

There is something to be learned in both our successes and our failures; and if you learn from both, then you haven’t really failed at all.