The Descended Teaser Excerpt: Part 2

Excerpt from “The Descended” (Chapter 12)

Kieran knew that if he reached out at that moment, she’d fall into his arms. His hands fisted at his sides and he reminded himself to breathe. “I’m forbidden to be alone with you,” he murmured. He tipped his head, hiding his eyes beneath the point of his tricorn hat.
A man called out, waving in greeting as he hailed them from a passing sloop. Kieran leapt in front of Kylei, trying to shield her from view. He cursed beneath his breath. “So much for going unnoticed.”
The sun lifted over the hills and Penryn quay came to life with its usual bustling activity. Two more ships loosed from their moorings and eased out onto the river.
“–Wait, Kieran,” Kylei reached beneath her bonnet. “I have an idea.” She pulled a long strip of blue satin from her hair. “I’ll tie this end to my wrist, and you tie the other end to yours. We’ll keep the ribbon taught–and that way we’ll keep a respectable distance at all times!”
“I can’t sail one-handed,” he muttered as he looped the soft strip around his wrist and knotted it with his teeth.
Kyleinan laughed as she tied her end. “Then you’ll be forced to teach me so I can help.”
Kieran had the sudden feeling he had when he stepped too close to the cliff face along the southern border of his father’s estate. The feeling that a gust of wind was all that stood between him and a perilous fall.
He cast off the line, set his boot against the dock and shoved. The small boat rocked as he steered it into deeper waters.

* * * * *
There you go…a little more romantic tension between Kieran and Kylei!

The Descended Teaser Excerpt: Part 1

Ok, Descended fans–here’s a teaser excerpt from Chapter 12:

Penryn Quay, Cornwall

“Kieran, wait!” Kyleinan leapt from the sand and her slippered feet pounded up the quay. “Let me come with you!”
Kieran reached out for the rope line and towed his boat back alongside the dock. “I’m sailing the Isles of Scilly, Reed. I’ll be gone most the day.”
Kyleinan laughed as she took hold of the boat’s line and swung herself over the bow. “Perfect!” She settled herself beside him, her skirts billowing about her in a puddle of blue damask. “Please take me with you, Key. You know Bryher is one of my favorite places.”
Kieran forced his gaze from her radiant smile. “We’re not children anymore, Kyleinan. Your father will take issue with me if he finds out I spent the day alone with you.”
Kylei looked out over the empty harbor, toward the bay, glittering like sapphires in the early morning sunlight. Her lips quirked and her violet eyes glowed. “Who’s to tell?”
The wind shifted, carrying the scents of the river, the verdant grass of the distant hills. The delicate tones of Kylei’s perfume teased Kieran’s senses. As he watched, the breeze blew two long curls back over her shoulder, revealing the white expanse of her collarbones, framed in the exposed lace of her shift. Ivory satin bows fluttered at her bodice.
Kylei’s cheeks flushed and Kieran realized she’d caught him staring. He glanced down, his fingers clenched on the rough hemp rope.
The boat rocked and Kylei braced her hand against the mainmast. The wind whipped another strand of hair free, and she tucked it back behind her ear. “I once overheard you telling Jaeden what you feel when you sail this boat,” she said. “You said it’s the closest thing to flying you’ve ever known.”
Kieran looked up, met her direct gaze.
“Teach me to sail, Kieran,” she said softly. “I want to fly with you.”