Roche Rock, Cornwall (Scene Setting)

Roche Rock, Cornwall

A setting for some of the scenes from “The Descended.”
One of the points along “St. Michael’s Line” with so much legend and lore.

Kieran lent Kylei his arm as they picked their way over tumbled boulders, squeezing between the craggy projections of granite to the remains of the 15th century chapel and hermitage.
            Wind whistled between the stones, and Kylei shivered, tucking herself closer to Kieran’s side.
            “Are you all right?”  He asked.
            “Yes. Just thinking of old ghosts.”
            Kieran grinned and led her forward once more. “Legend tells this place was tended by St. Gonand, the leper. And the chapel is dedicated to Michael, the archangel. If it holds any ghosts, they are blessed ones.”
(Excerpt from The Descended, Chapter 5)