Cupid’s Literary Connection: Kissing Scene Competition

A special welcome to all CLC visitors participating in the blog hop and competition!

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me share another part of Brier’s story from The Dreamspeaker’s Diary. I’ve met some great (and talented) people through CLC, and I’m excited to see everyone’s entries…


Note: I’ve already made it to the Judges Round, (Round 1, Entry #2), so I can only win an Honorable Mention. 

Scene Set-up:

Brier can speak her dreams into existence but she’s being hunted by a dream lab and keeps her talent hidden from everyone but Keller, the enigmatic foster child with a guarded past and secrets of his own. They can manipulate their dream environments, but not everything goes according to plan, and they dreamspeak a tent for refuge while they wait to see if their nightmares come to life.

350 Word Entry:

His smile slowly fades. “Because, once I’d gotten you to your front door…I would have tried to kiss you goodnight.” The words seem to hover in the air, filling the spaces between our uneven breaths.

I don’t move–I’m pretty sure I stop breathing. “I would have let you.”

He cups the back of my head and slowly rises up. My eyes close and I feel the warmth of his breath as he leans up to meet my lips with his. This is different from the other kisses we shared; Keller’s touch is almost reverent in its gentleness. A soft sigh escapes my lips, and he catches it with his own as he kisses me again. I clasp him around the neck and lean into his chest as his hands skim down my sides to frame my hips.

A gust of wind rattles the walls of our tent, pulling me back to the reality of our situation. As the nylon ripples around us, I imagine our scents being carried to the beasts hunting us. We are hidden in the darkness, but they don’t rely on sight.

Keller’s gaze meets mine, and I know he’s thinking the same thing. I press my heart against his, hoping in some crazy way he’ll feel the things I can’t find words for. Fear lingers, like the ache of a fresh wound, but I force it back, surrendering to the oblivion of Keller’s touch. With shaking fingers, he frames my face, while his other hand fists in my hair. Our lips meet with shared desperation, and I yield to him—to this moment–like wax to a flame.

There’s a subtle shift of light as my iPhone battery finally gives up the fight–our last link to civilization now well and truly severed. Keller pulls away, and I can hear him breathing hard, the sound exaggerated in the darkness. “Brier, I—“

A howl rents the air.

My eyes fly open and I clutch his arm. “Oh my God, Kell.”

The haze of passion clears from his eyes, but he holds me even tighter than before.

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I love exploring the supernatural or preternatural possibilities of characters because it lets me find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  And, yeah–it allows me to develop scenarios that wouldn’t happen in real life!  But even better is when I find transcendental qualities in normal, human situations.

When I research for a novel, I love finding fragments of history that touch on this.  The “posy” ring that Kylei wears in The Descended, and the one Kieran wears later in the story, is such an ardent portrayal of this.  Words etched in a ring; vows pressed against the pulsepoint of a love’s finger.

Kylei’s ring:  Me pectus et ego a abeo     (Translated) My heart and I until I die

Kieran’s ring: Without my love I backward move

These are from actual 17th century posy rings.

Vows hidden inside interlocking bands.  Extraordinary within the ordinary. Who wouldn’t want that kind of love?

Even if your soulmate doesn’t have angelic ancestry…